Too Late For the Gods

I am Jeffrey Williams, and welcome you to my blog. Most know me as a simple semiliterate biker who lives somewhere under a bridge – an occupation that affords ample time for reflection on things in the world. My primary interest is our time of vertigo as announced by the Madman in Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft and poetic thinking of Sein.

This blog concerns thoughts, poems and arguments on Being, philosophy and our place in cosmos. All comments are welcome.

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Wir kommen für die Götter zu spät und zu früh für das Sein, dessen angefangenes Gedicht ist der Mensch.

Martin Heidegger: Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens

Reply to Eckels on What Distinguishes Heidegger From Sartre’s Existentialism

I write here with the single purpose of separating Heidegger from Sartre’s Existentialism, and in the contrast giving Heidegger a clearer representation. I do not write with the intent of persuading you to accept Heidegger’s thought, which is in fact contrary to Sartre. We each have our own path to follow. This began with yourContinue reading “Reply to Eckels on What Distinguishes Heidegger From Sartre’s Existentialism”

A Poem for Rosemary

Upon leaving the theater Met by the cool late winter night The lights of Downtown Chicago Excited The usual enthusiasms of our   Serious undergraduate years. You and I and several mutual friends. You from your world so foreign, And I in mine, yet somehow linked, Shoulders touching, we neared the corner, Oblivious to theContinue reading “A Poem for Rosemary”

Comments on SJ Thomason’s Essay on Social Justice in Sheep’s Clothing

SJ Thomason recently posted a curious piece of writing titled: Social Justice Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: A Christian Response – Christian Apologist ( It begins incongruously with an anecdote about a graduate assistant from Sweden she claims to have mentored in a way that borders on practicing psychotherapy without a license; moves to a transitionalContinue reading “Comments on SJ Thomason’s Essay on Social Justice in Sheep’s Clothing”

William Lane Craig Takes Another Wild Swing at Intelligent Design

William Lane Craig takes another crackpot shot at intelligent design by a creator in this short video: Again, Craig is either sadly ignorant of contemporary physics or he is just dishonest. He begins with the preposterous claim that “the single most significant physical evidence that a creator god created our universe…is the remarkable discovery thatContinue reading “William Lane Craig Takes Another Wild Swing at Intelligent Design”

William Lane Craig Takes another Stab at Intelligent Design

I recently commented on William Lane Craig’s attempt to rebut my article on the illusion of fine-tuning which showed Craig’s response lacking in any substantive content while heavy on invective. He now takes another swing at fine-tuning in support of intelligent design in which he repeats many of the same fallacies and false statements here:Continue reading “William Lane Craig Takes another Stab at Intelligent Design”

Part III: Response to Bob Felts on Applicability of Mathematics to Physical Reality

In this section I will discuss consciousness from three different perspectives: 1. Contemporary neuroscientific models 2. Quantum mind theory 3. An ontological inquiry. 1. Contemporary Neuroscientific Models. The neuroscientists Anil Seth and Donald Hoffman are representative of cognitive models that can be thought of as 21st Century updates of Kant’s epistemology. We can generalize theseContinue reading “Part III: Response to Bob Felts on Applicability of Mathematics to Physical Reality”

Script of My Video Responding to Braxton Hunter’s Ten Questions

 A few days ago, Braxton Hunter uploaded a video asking Atheists ten questions:  Below is a transcript of my video answering Hunter’s questions. 1 This is a fuzzy question resting on possible equivocation of the word “explain”. One can contrive a story that takes into account all relevant facts, but is that what we generallyContinue reading “Script of My Video Responding to Braxton Hunter’s Ten Questions”

Part II: Response to Bob Felts on Mathematics and Reality

In Part II Bob gives us an impressive and interesting overview of the mechanics of computation. The problem is that it skipped over the questions at hand, which are whether the mind really is fundamentally a computer, and why reason should accurately describe reality. Those questions remain and I will go on to address them.Continue reading “Part II: Response to Bob Felts on Mathematics and Reality”

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