1. Does a universe exist separate from our consciousness? At one time it did.

2. As Christianity in the West belatedly senses its death, we should compare Kierkegaard’s Abraham to Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. They both stare into the irrational abyss in full recognition of the horrible tragedy, but one falters and returns to the escapist dream of a reprieve-granting God and one learns to dance after listening to the low peal of the bells echoing up the mountain.

3. Some criticize the Enlightenment from the dark wish to return to religious metaphysics. And some from the life-affirming wish to transcend its tragic limitation.

4. Philosophers are three generations from nature and truth. For truth, we must turn to a poet.

5. We are quantum beings entangled in a quantum world: a state of affairs we cannot grasp.

6. Is there intention inherent in the universe after all? Intention does not imply a god. We view DNA as a reductive objective phenomenon, but who really know what lies beyond the appearance?

7. What was the most devastating impact of the last 2500 years of philosophy? It convinced us that we were somehow separate and apart from nature or the world – aliens.

8. To be reborn is to rinse away all traces of metaphysics, including the gods, then, as though for the first time, stare into the night sky and give yourself over to the draw of overpowering mystery.

10. We dwell authentically in our loves and music, from which grows care – easily distinguishable from greed and self-aggrandizement.

11. All philosophies, all personal narratives, are nacreous growths around a sharp grain of sand. I fantasize my grain shall be revealed just before my death.

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