Response to Eckels on Heidegger and Being

An overview of Heidegger is extremely difficult, dangerous in that it can give a trivialized impression that obscures the great profundity of his thought, and perhaps even impossible. Consider what follows to be less than even a mere introduction, and if it interests you then ask lots of questions. First let’s put him in historicalContinue reading “Response to Eckels on Heidegger and Being”

Response to Michael’s Millerman’s Call for a New Heideggerian Beginning to a Political Crisis

This a partial reproduction of the script of a video I recently released on my YouTube channel and some further clarification of certain points. The video is a response to Michael Millerman’s argument for a Heideggerian approach to a new political beginning and can be seen here: I made the video because I disagree withContinue reading “Response to Michael’s Millerman’s Call for a New Heideggerian Beginning to a Political Crisis”

The Birth of Shakespeare out of the Spirit of Music

My great friend, the theist philosopher John Mark Reynolds, and I embark on a new conversation in which I instruct him on Shakespeare’s Renaissance linkage of Europe back to its pre-Christian roots as well as the nature of poetry.

Bertuzzi’s Failed Attempt to Conflate Claim and Evidence

Cameron Bertuzzi once again reveals that his intellectual side of Christianity plays at the shallow end. In this video he attempts to refute Matt Dillahunty’s statement that there is no evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, where Dillahunty distinguishes anonymous claims from evidence that backs up claims. In doing so, Bertuzzi builds a strawman, pieceContinue reading “Bertuzzi’s Failed Attempt to Conflate Claim and Evidence”

Moral Ontology vs. Objective Morality

The following is a response to a Twitter discussion concerning epistemological and ontological issues in the theist claim of an objective moral law. I am responding here to a theist’s criticism of my view of evolving morality which he does by means of a metaphysical argument derived from Aquinas’s metaphysical assertion of actus assendi andContinue reading “Moral Ontology vs. Objective Morality”

To SJ Thomason: Why Ontology Really Matters.

(A response to her essay: Moral Values and Duties are Universal, Objective, and Grounded in a Benevolent God) Thomason attempts to argue there is an objective and universal moral law given to us by the Christian god. This is an ontological assertion that must first be clarified before moving to its descriptions or conclusions. She doesContinue reading “To SJ Thomason: Why Ontology Really Matters.”

The Philosophical Naivety of Alvin Plantinga and SJ Thomason’s Failure to Restore the God of the Gaps

This is a response to a blog by SJ Thomason: SJ announces in the first paragraph: “The intention of this blog is to offer reasons to reject naturalism and scientism.” Unsaid but revealed at the end of her blog is the additional intent of claiming validity for god of the gaps arguments with this abolitionContinue reading “The Philosophical Naivety of Alvin Plantinga and SJ Thomason’s Failure to Restore the God of the Gaps”

The Willful Dishonesty of William Laine Craig and the Silliness of his Followers

This is in response to a video on Twitter which laughably claims that William Laine Craig humiliated Christopher Hitchens in a debate. SJ Thomason @Lead1225 Christopher Hitchens tries to debate William Lane Craig, INSTANTLY REGRETS it… via @YouTube William Laine Craig is a practiced debater of some skill, but because he is in theContinue reading “The Willful Dishonesty of William Laine Craig and the Silliness of his Followers”

The Metaphor of Genetic Code

PREFACE This is in response to a Twitter debate about DNA being proof of god’s existence. SJ Thompson was unable to respond, so she called in an apologist, Sy Garte, who claims a background in biochemistry. Unfortunately, he backed away from debating the issue. Instead he gave an astoundingly poor response on YouTube where heContinue reading “The Metaphor of Genetic Code”

Jordan Peterson’s Idea of God

In this short video Jordan Peterson explains his idea of god, and identifies the shallowness that afflicts the New Atheists while remaining blind to his own superficiality: Nobody who has seriously studied Nietzsche and the thinkers who came after can watch that video without cringing. Peterson is a shallow man pandering to semi-educated andContinue reading “Jordan Peterson’s Idea of God”

The Illusion of Fine Tuning

Note: This was written in response to an apologist who asked for debate and discussion partners on her YouTube channel, but ignored my offer to debate the ID claim of fine tuning, much as she has evaded debates on other topics: SJ Thomason @Lead1225·15h Now that I’ve finally figured out how to best show videosContinue reading “The Illusion of Fine Tuning”

Bertuzzi’s Failed Rebuttal

Carmen Bertuzzi is a Christian apologist with a YouTube channel called “Capturing Christ”. On Twitter he recently linked to a video, entitled “No, There’s No Special Pleading”, where he attempts to defend the long-debunked Kalam Cosmological Argument in response to a video by another YouTuber, Stephen Woodford of Rationality Rule, that demonstrates the fallacies ofContinue reading “Bertuzzi’s Failed Rebuttal”

On the Question of Christianity as a Pillar of Western Civilization

This a piece I wrote for Eidos at the request of John Mark Reynolds rebutting the often heard claim that the West grew from the two pillars of Athens and Jerusalem. I contend that Christianity was a foreign graft onto the healthy body of Greek Civilization, and went through stages of malignancy and rejection. IContinue reading “On the Question of Christianity as a Pillar of Western Civilization”