Response to a Young Christian Concerned with the Loss of Meaning and Essence

This is a response to a Twitter conversation concerning metaphysics and authenticity that was too long to post there: It’s interesting that we are looking at the same problem but from different perspectives. In such situations it’s sometimes possible for each to learn from the other. The problem in focus here is the loss ofContinue reading “Response to a Young Christian Concerned with the Loss of Meaning and Essence”

Answer to a Young Metaphysician

This is a reply to a Twitter conversation, too lengthy to post there, concerning the need to overcome and unlearn metaphysics. The most difficult part of learning is unlearning – a necessity few of us rise to. We invest our identities, years of work, family and heritage in beliefs assumed prior to our abilityContinue reading “Answer to a Young Metaphysician”

Part 2 of Conversation with Simon Egopart on Metaphysical Idealism

This is Simon Egopart’s response to my last comment and again my latest response: First of all, thanks for your constructive and respectful attitude. It clearly is not your intent to score cheap points or to ridicule, and I appreciate that. Obviously I agree with the statement that there is a stark difference between dreamContinue reading “Part 2 of Conversation with Simon Egopart on Metaphysical Idealism”

Critique of William Lane Craig's Argument in Debate with Alex Malpass

Here I critique a debate on 3/24/2020 between William Lane Craig and Alex Malpass  on the validity of Craig’s version of the Kalam Cosmological Argument, although Craig succeeds in bogging down the discussion in diversionary examples of metaphysical conundrums. The debate can be seen here: Craig’s enterprise is to defend a primitive religion by meansContinue reading “Critique of William Lane Craig's Argument in Debate with Alex Malpass”

Genealogy of an Error: Cartesian Dualism

It is regrettable that today in the 21st century there is still discussion of substance dualism, an idea that died some time ago, but the moldering corpse of which is dutifully carried from cave to cave and revered by stiff necked theists. It originates with the catastrophic collision of two momentous errors:  Ancient Near EasternContinue reading “Genealogy of an Error: Cartesian Dualism”